Sprint Project Management: 10 Things Your Team Must Always Follow

**All text in English version published on www.softwarehut.com ** In Agile oriented projects, we usually organise teamwork in Sprints. Sprint Backlog is essential to keeping the developers’ pace of work during Sprints. But there are several other practices to support your team members. Limit Work Items In-Progress Assign Work Update the State of Work Items Update Remaining […]

Magazyn Mody Intymnej “How to build teams, or how the uniqueness of each person IS NOT their imperfection”

We usually associate talent with fame and excellence. Most of us believe that talent is a rare, precious treasure given to special people. People who are very far from us. Talented people are different from us. They are “different from us”. Meanwhile, talent is “a repeated sequence of thoughts, feelings or behaviours that can find […]

Project Manager Portfolio 2021

In the Project Manager portfolio, I describe the projects I managed. It has a shortened and illustrative form. Project Manager’s portfolio – essential information Project Manager’s portfolio – educational project Project Manager’s portfolio: Polish Commercial client (project under NDA) Project Manager’s portfolio – essential information The structure is quite simple. I want the portfolio to […]

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