8 Good Project Management Practices to Deal With Software Bugs

**All text in English version published on www.softwarehut.com ** The term ‘bug’ is used to describe computer malfunctions. In the 1940s, there were only a handful of such devices around the world and computing and programming were in their infancy. The term “bug” was therefore popularised to describe any unexpected computer behaviour and it became part of […]

Modna Bielizna “What practices allow you to work Agile?

Previously, I provided some history and the core values and principles of agile methodologies in Modna Bielizna fashion magazine. Now, I’d like to focus on practices that allow companies to work in Agile principles.I have written about Lean and Kanban, Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM), Customer Development and Scrum.Article based on the books: Jeffrey Liker […]

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