Project Manager Portfolio 2021

In the Project Manager portfolio, I describe the projects I managed. It has a shortened and illustrative form. Project Manager’s portfolio – essential information Project Manager’s portfolio – educational project Project Manager’s portfolio: Polish Commercial client (project under NDA) Project Manager’s portfolio – essential information The structure is quite simple. I want the portfolio to […]

Case Study: The Role of a Product Owner

**All text in English version published on ** The role of a Product Owner is both crucial and difficult. Why? The Product Owner shapes the vision of the product. On the other hand, they maximize its value and use technical resources to create a product satisfying the customer’s needs. I would say that the […]

Case study: 8 Practices to Apply in Maintenance Projects

**All text in English version published on ** Maintenance projects can be used for enhancement or defect fixing. Enhancement projects are related to implementing new developments. If the developers get new requirements, it’s possible to apply the standard Scrum practices with little or no modification. Defect fixing projects focus on troubleshooting only. And the […]

Case Study: What 7 project’s problems do Scrum Master help you to solve out?

**All text in English version published on ** One of the tasks of Scrum Master is to support the Team and stakeholders in project development. Written code is tangible. Support: not so much. That’s why I would like to describe some problems that the team and may face and how Scrum Master can help […]

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