Magazyn Mody Intymnej “Once a luxury, now a standard – check out the trends in e-customer functionality”

Despite the fact that in the Fashion industry, direct contact with customers in stationary points of sale is the most important. We should remember that the world is changing, with the youngest generation of customers “living online”, so no industry can escape from technology. Do you want to know more?Read my article “Once a luxury, […]

Magazyn Mody Intymnej “How to build teams, or how the uniqueness of each person IS NOT their imperfection”

We usually associate talent with fame and excellence. Most of us believe that talent is a rare, precious treasure given to special people. People who are very far from us. Talented people are different from us. They are “different from us”. Meanwhile, talent is “a repeated sequence of thoughts, feelings or behaviours that can find […]

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