Modna Bielizna “What will upset conscious shoppers in your e-store?”

In recent months, you have probably been asking yourself whether e-commerce will overtake traditional mall retailing. In my opinion, the question should not be ‘if’ but ‘when will e-commerce overtake traditional mall retailing’. Do you want to know more?Read my article “What will upset conscious shoppers in your e-store?” in Modna Bielizna magazine. Version française […]

Modna Bielizna “What practices allow you to work Agile?

Previously, I provided some history and the core values and principles of agile methodologies in Modna Bielizna fashion magazine. Now, I’d like to focus on practices that allow companies to work in Agile principles.I have written about Lean and Kanban, Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM), Customer Development and Scrum.Article based on the books: Jeffrey Liker […]

Modna Bielizna “Why are agile companies the future?”

Agile methodologies are becoming one of the most popular methods of work in IT companies today, they are called a new philosophy of management, they improve efficiency, productivity and reduce waste. They make us aware of the importance of observing work, learning from mistakes and adapting to changes. This approach is increasingly popular in other […]

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