How Do I Organise the Project With Product Backlog?

**All text in English version published on ** Product Backlog management – what exactly does that mean?Here’s a list of practices on how to organise the project with Product Backlog. Clear vision Describe how to manage the Backlog Create your Product Backlog by Title, Authorization, Description, Acceptance criteria, External link The importance of priority and risk […]

Modna Bielizna “Why are agile companies the future?”

Agile methodologies are becoming one of the most popular methods of work in IT companies today, they are called a new philosophy of management, they improve efficiency, productivity and reduce waste. They make us aware of the importance of observing work, learning from mistakes and adapting to changes. This approach is increasingly popular in other […]

Why your developers should work Agile?

**All text in English version published on ** Agile software development means using methods that divide the project into several smaller pieces (iterations) through iterative work. This is because Agile assumes that the direction of development work changes frequently. Every couple of weeks, the customer gets a piece of the working product, and they can look […]

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