Project Manager Library

project manager library

Project Manager Library – to start with Scrum

  1. Video entiteled What is Scrum?
  2. Principles of Manifesto fo Agile Software Development
  3. Guide to Scrum: The Scrum Guide | Schwaber K., Sutherland J.|
  4. How not to do Agile: Specifications | Planning meeting | Daily stand-up | Retrospective
  5. Video entiteled Scrum: How to do twice as much in half the time | Jeff Sutherland | TEDxAix
  6. Video entiteled  Agile programming – for your family | Bruce Feiler | TEDSalon NY2013
  7. Sutherland Jeff – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Project Manager Library – Scrum work

  1. Checklist – planning meeting: HOW i WHAT
  2. Checklist – review meeting
  3. Checklist – retrospective meetingCohn Mike blog
  4. Cohn Mike about Scrum i Agile
  5. Forum
  6. Liker Jeffrey “The Toyota Way : 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer”
  7. Schwaber Ken about Scrum
  8. Sutherland Jeff about Scrum
  9. Cohn Mike blog

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